Recreation Centre Admission Gates

May 30, 2018

The admission gates at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre will be operational - starting June 2018.  When the gates are in operation, for general admission when entering, please:

  • Scan your card, keeping yourself and your belongings behind the line until the gate opens.
  • After the gate opens, proceed. Enjoy your visit!

When exiting, please:

  • Be courteous of others entering the facility.
  • Allow the gate to open on its own as you approach this; do not push on the gates at any time.

Staff will be available to assist with making use of the gates. When you scan your pass and hear a "clunk" or are uncertain as to the sound related to your scan, please check in with our team and they will be happy to provide more information. In short, if the gates have remained closed after you have scanned your pass, please do not push on them and check in with reception so our staff can help you. 

Your patience and cooperation is appreciated as we transition to this new admission system.  Thank you for choosing Esquimalt Recreation!