Strategic Plans & Council Priorities

Council priorities

Mayor and Council develop and identify key projects and initiatives to be undertaken
during the term of Council 2023–2026—these are the Council Priorities.

Council priorities outline areas of focus for the coming term. These priorities can be
amended over time as some are completed and other needs arise. Any proposed new
projects are evaluated on priority and costs—both financial and in staff time.

These priorities are in addition to existing operational tasks and approved capital projects. The projects or initiatives in this plan fall outside of staff’s day-to-day operational or service level commitments.

Generally, 90 per cent of staff effort is devoted to delivering on service level commitments, which leaves approximately 10 per cent of staff’s workplan capacity for projects that are part of the Council Priorities Plan.

Council Priorities 2023–2026

Next steps

Council will be reviewing project progress and updating priorities as needed in 2024.

Past strategic plans