Dogs in Parks

Good news for dog owners! Many of Esquimalt’s parks are open to dogs.

Find a dog-friendly park near you.

Dog Walking EsquimaltGuidelines

Please respect park environments and other users:

  • Pick up dog waste
  • Maintain voice control over your dog at all times
  • Ensure that your dog has a valid license and is wearing a dog tag
  • Keep vicious dogs on leash at all times
  • Keep dogs out of playground areas
  • Leash dogs when entering and exiting the off-leash areas.

Dogs are not permitted in school grounds, lacrosse boxes, sports fields, playgrounds, skate parks, and gardens. 

In Macaulay Point Park dogs are not allowed inside the restricted fenced areas. 

For more information, download the Animal Bylaw.

See HERE for updated map of Saxe Point Park including dog areas.