Freedom Of Information

The Township of Esquimalt is committed to providing access to public records while also protecting the privacy of individuals 

All Local Governments are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FOIPPA”). The main purposes of FOIPPA are:

  • To make Local Government more open and accountable by providing the public with access to records; and

  • To protect the personal privacy of individuals by preventing unauthorized collection, use or disclosure of personal information.

There are several categories of municipal records that are routinely available to the public without having to submit a formal request for access. These include regular open Council meeting minutes, agendas and reports, bylaws, policies, budgets and annual reports. 

Some records will require a formal written request under FOIPPA. The record requested must be in the custody or under the control of the Local Government. Some records contain information that should not be disclosed and the Local Government must withhold or may have the discretion to withhold such information, subject to specific exceptions set out in FOIPPA. FOIPPA also sets out timeframes for responding to access requests. The applicant may request that the Provincial Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner conduct a review of the response from the Local Government. 

Please note that there may be a cost associated with your request. The Freedom of Information Bylaw, 2012, No. 2795 provides for maximum fees, as set out in FOIPPA, that may be charged for providing access to records. Review the bylaw and fees here.

Freedom of Information forms:

Request for Access to Records form
Request for Correction of Personal Information form 

You may also make a request without using these forms, provided you do so in writing. Please ensure you provide sufficient detail so that staff may readily identify the record(s) you are requesting, or the personal information you are requesting be corrected. Either scan and submit the form or written request by email to [email protected].  You can also send the form by fax to 250-414-7111, by mail, or drop off at the Municipal Hall on 1229 Esquimalt Road, Esquimalt BC V9A 3P1. 

For further information, or to inquire if the record you are requesting is routinely available or whether a formal written request under FOIPPA is required, please contact: 

Corporate Officer & Manager of Corporate Services 
Tel: 250-414-7135