Parking Restrictions

What are parking restrictions? They are restrictions that are established on a road which modifies what type of parking is allowed on the road. There are different types of restrictions for different locations and situations. 

This guide describes the Township of Esquimalt’s’ approach to parking restrictions. Read the guide here.

Residential Parking Policy

Residential Parking Zones and Limited Time Parking Zones have been created to protect the residential streets bordering on commercial and industrial zones from being congested by vehicles parked for the day.

Within Residential Parking Zones, only a resident, guest, or trades person of any dwelling located on the abutting street can park. The Bylaw Management Officer enforces compliance with the requirements of these parking zones only when a resident registers a complaint.

1. Residential Parking Zones

The Bylaw Management Officer enforces Residential Parking Zones, when a complaint is registered and as workloads permit. In most cases, attending officers will only ticket those vehicles on the street immediately in front of the complainant's address. It will be the responsibility of the adjacent residents to have their tickets or their guests' tickets revoked by providing proof of residence.

2. Limited Time Parking Zones 

Limited Time Parking Zones have been developed to allow for one or two-hour parking to be enforced, daily, as workloads permit. The areas to be considered for such designation are commercial, industrial, or residential areas adjacent to the commercial and industrial areas. One or two hour designations are intended to prevent all-day parking in designated areas.

3. Zone Delineation

In order to delineate a Residential Parking Zone or a Limited Time Parking Zone, such delineation will be placed over the entire block to eliminate the problem of where the zone begins and ends.

4. Requests for Residential Parking Zones or Time Limited Parking Zones

Requests coming from the public will be considered when delivered in the form of a resident-generated petition adhering to the following criteria:

  • Ninety per cent of the residences on a street must be canvassed;
  • The petition must receive eighty percent approval of the residents on the street before the Municipal Council will consider the request.

Parking Complaints

Submit a complaint
  • Download the Zoning and Parking Bylaws.

  • After 4:30 p.m. and on weekends, contact the Victoria Police non-emergency number: 250-995-7654