Esquimalt is at low risk of experiencing a tsunami

However, if you live, work, or play in areas close to our shoreline you should be aware of potential hazards and how you can prepare for them.
In Greater Victoria, the most dangerous tsunami threat will follow a major earthquake. 
  1. If you feel an earthquake that lasts longer than one minute or is strong enough to make it difficult to stand you should know that a tsunami may have been generated. In this type of event, some areas close to the ocean may lie within the tsunami planning zones and may be at risk. 
  2. Check the following maps to find your home, place of work, school, or other places you visit regularly and see if they are located within the tsunami planning zones:
  3. Move inland out of the tsunami planning zone. You have about 90 minutes from the end of the shaking until the first series of tsunami waves could arrive here. You do not have to travel far to get to an area of safety. 

Please note that the sirens located at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Esquimalt are for CFB personnel for ALL types of emergencies, not just tsunami. If you hear a siren, it is important to check CFB information sources and social media channels for information on the type of emergency and actions to take.