Burning / Fire Bylaws

Burning Regulation

It is unlawful for any person at any time within the municipality to light, ignite, start, maintain, or knowingly permit, allow or cause to be lighted, ignited, started maintained, any fire of any kind whatsoever in the open air.

Notwithstanding the above, the Fire Chief may issue a permit with terms and conditions he feels are reasonably fit for the protection of safety for the following specific types of open air fire for the purpose of:

  • disease and pest control
  • fire suppression training
  • ethnic and cultural observances
  • special events

For more information, download the Fire Protection and Control Bylaw, which:

  • Specifies powers for fire department operations
  • Regulates fire prevention inspections
  • Includes burning regulations

This bylaw repeals the former "Fire Protection and Regulation Bylaw, 1989, NO. 1898," and was adopted on the 16th day of January, 2012. Significant changes in the new bylaw are listed below.

  • The definition section is more detailed
  • Part one has expanded the Fire Department's responsibilities and delegates the Fire Chief's powers of inspection.
  • Part two includes the necessity and requirement for a safety plan for multiple occupancy buildings.
  • Part three better defines open burning and identifies products which are prohibited from burning at any time.
  • Part four identifies that the Fire Department will be permitted to charge for fire investigations.
  • Part five gives fire officials the authority to seize items to prevent the continuation of an offence under this act (i.e. Chimneas, or outdoor burning devices not fueled by briquettes, natural gas or propane).
  • Schedule A lists fees in effect for fines in the future.

Other Fire Department bylaws include:

Fees and Charges (Miscellaneous) Bylaw (A bylaw regarding fees and charges associated with high angle rescue.)

Smoke Alarm Bylaw (Requires single family dwellings to have hard wired (110-V powered) smoke alarms.)  

Bylaw No. 2911 (An amendment to the Fire Protection and Control Bylaw, 2011, No. 2783.)

Fireworks Bylaw (Governs the sale and discharge of fireworks.)

False Alarm Bylaw (Regulates in relation to alarm systems in order to reduce false alarms.)

Lockbox Bylaw (Requires that commercial buildings install a lockbox.)

Lock Box Permit Application