Public Education

Esquimalt Fire Rescue provides a number of programs and services as part of their commitment to public education.

These include:

Bystander hands-only CPR

The Esquimalt Fire Department is offering online hands-only CPR training to residents. Registrants will book a dedicated time to receive a CPR mannequin and live training session from an Esquimalt Fire Department member. The goal of the program is protect life until first responders can arrive.

Learn how to book your training session

Our firefighters give an overview of hands-only CPR

Car seats

Car seats are complicated – we can help! Car crashes are a leading cause of death of children under 14 years old. Choosing, installing, and using a car seat or booster seat properly is the best thing you can do to protect your child in the car.

Appointments can be made for residents of Esquimalt to have a car seat installed by a Child Passender Safety Technician certified firefighter at the Esquimalt Fire Department. For more information please contact 250-414-7126, or [email protected].

**Please be advised this is currently unavailable at the moment due to COVID-19**

Station tours

The Esquimalt Fire Department offers hall tours to schools and community groups. The tours provide fire safety information, truck and equipment familiarization, and fun activities. Tours must be booked in advance, have adult supervision, and be for educational purposes only.

**Please be advised this is currently unavailable at the moment due to COVID-19**
For more information please email [email protected]

Fire extinguisher training

Esquimalt Fire Rescue provides hands-on fire extinguisher training with live fires to groups on a cost recovery basis. For more information, phone our Assistant Chief of Community Services at 250-414-7127. 

    School and youth programs

    The Esquimalt Fire Department provides school-based programs from grade 1-5 in all schools within the Township of Esquimalt. For more information please see: