Detached accessory suites

Detached accessory dwelling units– proposed policy and regulations

Detached accessory dwelling units (DADUs) or suites (otherwise known as garden suites, granny flats, laneway houses etc.) are currently not permitted in Esquimalt.  However, there is growing interest among the public in DADUs as a method of offsetting mortgage costs, providing a more affordable detached living option and for housing a family member. 

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Council reviewed a staff proposal for legalizing DADUs and asked staff to conduct public engagement with residents about the proposed regulations and possible locations and designs of DADUs.  Once the public engagement is completed, Council will need to review and approve of any formal bylaw amendments before applications can be accepted. 

Staff report March 9, 2020

Attachment A: Minutes of the Special Committee of the Whole, October 3, 2017

Attachment B: Matrix of municipal Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit regulations

Attachment C: Proposed zoning regulations

Attachment D: Map of proposed eligible properties

Attachment E: Proposed design guidelines

Highlights of the proposed regulations

The proposed regulations include requirements for the location, size and height of DADUs, as well as aspects of building design such as roof form, windows, lighting and landscaping.

Detached accessory dwelling units would be permitted on lots where ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • Currently zoned RS-1, RS-3 or RS-5;
  • The entire lot is located greater than 20 m from the Gorge Waterway or 10 m from the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
  • The lot is not a strata lot;
  • The lot is designated as low density residential on Schedule B of the Official Community Plan; and
  • Lot area is greater than 530 m2 ( 5700 ft2 ) OR greater than 475 m2 (5110 ft2) on a corner or with a double frontage (laneway).

DADUs would be permitted as an alternative to secondary suites (not both on the same property).

DADUs would only be permitted in the rear yard.

The maximum DADU size permitted would be 65 m2 (700 ft2).

The size of DADUs and other structures would also be limited by maximum lot coverage and setback regulations.

Design guidelines would guide building and site design.

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