Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (DADUs)

What is a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU)?

A self-contained dwelling unit, detached from and clearly accessory to a single-family residential dwelling. Other names for DADUs include garden suite, backyard cottage, granny flat or laneway house.

I'm interested in building a DADU. What should I do next? 

Read the Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU) guide to learn about costs, permits, timelines and the DADU approval process. Please consider: 

  • DADUs are only permitted in the rear yard.
  • The maximum DADU size permitted is 65 m2 (700 ft2).
  • The size of DADUs and other structures is also limited by maximum lot coverage and setback regulations.
  • The owner of the property is required to live in either the DADU or the principal dwelling.
  • No stratification of DADUs is permitted.
You may set up a meeting with a Planner to discuss your proposal by calling Development Services. 


Short term rentals

  • The Township of Esquimalt does not allow short-term rental of any part of a residential dwelling.
  • The Township does not issue business licenses for short-term rentals as they are prohibited. 
  • The Provincial Government will be enforcing their regulations. 
  • The Township expects to review its regulations around short-term rentals in the coming year. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to provide input. 
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