Esquimalt Alert emergency notification service

We're live!

Esquimalt Alert is a multi-purpose communication service used to send alerts to residents, workers, businesses and visitors in Esquimalt during emergency events like fires or floods as well as for relevant day-to-day communications such as snow removal advisories, planned maintenance, water advisories, etc. 

Esquimalt Alert's primary role is to provide emergency notification information for tsunamis, earthquakes, significant fire or police incidents, and other large-scale events that will affect people in the township. 

There is an option to sign up for more general notices: traffic advisories, pool closures and other convenient information. 

Users can subscribe through the Voyent Alert app (available for iOS and Android) or online, choosing both through what devices and on what topics they want to receive the alerts. For example, someone could choose to receive tsunami information by phone call, text and mobile alert but choose garbage schedule information only by email.


Families can use Esquimalt Alert to flag their children’s schools, as well as workplaces and homes of family members, making the system customizable to individual households.

The free system launched on September 28, 2019. There will be a trial period for the first six months while the Township evaluates what topics resonate with users, and whether residents are using the system. The topics will be adjusted to reflect community interest and demand.