Ice Arena

Skating & Curling Programs

Esquimalt Recreation ice facilities include the Archie Browning Sports Centre, home to a 2,000 person arena and the Esquimalt Curling Club. Arena programs include Drop In Skating and Hockey, and Skating and Hockey lessons for children, and are available August-March; the arena dry-floor is available April-July for private bookings, camps and lacrosse. For information on the Esquimalt Curling Club, please visit their website.

Skate Lessons - Program Descriptions

Parent and Tot (2-4 yrs)

  • First time skaters will get comfortable on the ice with an adult, to assist their child in accomplishing the basics of skating. The instructor will circulate around the class to assist the group. Skills adults will work on with their child are: balancing on two feet, touching toes, marching, falling down and getting up! Participants must wear skates and a helmet.

Preschool Age (3-5yrs)

  • Preschool Level 1: Participants are taught basic skills like balancing on 2 feet, touching their toes, walking and marching forwards, falling down and getting back up.
  • Preschool Level 2:  For children who can skate independently. Participants will learn gliding, 2-foot jumps, making snow and walking backwards.  Prerequisite Preschool Level 1.
  • Preschool Level 3: Children will learn v-pushes, one-foot gliding, two-foot jump while gliding, walking backwards with some gliding, two-foot quarter turns on the spot and stopping.  Prerequisite Preschool Level 2.
  • Preschool Level 4: Skills will include 2-foot glides on a curve, walking cross cuts, backwards sculling and backwards stopping.  Prerequisite Preschool Level 3.

School Age (5-11yrs)

  • School Age Level 1: Skills will include forward gliding, marching forward, making snow, falling down and getting back up, walking backwards and stopping.
  • School Age Level 2: Skills will include forward sculling, 1-foot glides, stopping, walking backwards with some gliding and 2-foot half turns on the spot.  Prerequisite School Age 1 or Preschool 3.
  • School Age Level 3: Skills will include 1-foot glides on a curve, forwards walking cross cuts, backwards skating & sculling and 2-foot jumps in a glide backwards.  Prerequisites School Age 2 or Preschool 4.
  • School Age Level 4: Skills will include 2-foot stops, forward cross cuts, turning forwards to backwards and vice versa and 2-foot jump in a glide backwards.  Prerequisites School Age 3 or Preschool 4.
  • School Age Level 5: Skills will include backwards Mohawk turn, 2-foot stop in both directions, 1-foot jump glide fowards, fast backwards start and fast forward start from back stop. Prerequisite School Age Level 4.
  • School Age Level 6: This is an introduction to advanced skating skills, while continuing to focus and enhance acquired skills.  Participants will have the opportunity to request skills they would like to focus on with unstructured practice time with instructor supervision.   Prerequisite School Age 5.