There are a number of options available for diverting compostable waste from the landfill. 

Kitchen Scraps Pickup:

In 2014, the Township of Esquimalt began participating in the Regional Kitchen Scraps Strategy as part of a region-wide initiative to reduce kitchen scraps in the Hartland Landfill. The Capital Regional District estimates that 30% of the waste sent to the landfill is organic material.  More

Yard & Garden Waste Drop-Off:

In 2006, the Capital Regional District banned yard and garden waste from the garbage. Esquimalt and View Royal residents can drop-off household compost, and yard and garden waste at Canteen Composting. More

Backyard Composting:

The Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre is a non-profit organization who provide composting and organic gardening education to CRD residents. Education is provided through a demonstration site, staff, volunteers, outreach, and workshops for children and adults throughout the Capital Regional District. They also operate a retail outlet offering composting and organic gardening supplies to the public. For more information, visit their website.