Leisure Assistant Pass

Esquimalt Residents may apply for a Leisure Assistant Pass with Esquimalt Recreation.

Residents from municipalities out of this region may apply with their local municipal recreation centre.

About the Pass

The Leisure Assistant Pass is for people with disabilities, of all ages, who require the assistance of a support person when engaging in leisure activities. Upon presentation of the pass at a participating venue, one support person will be given free or reduced admission; facilitating participation, while ensuring the person with a disability does not pay double for their admission. Passes are valid for a 1 year term from the date of issue. As support persons may change, the pass will be issued to the person with a disability.

For more information about participating venues, and opportunities, please see the Victoria Leisure Assistance Pass information page HERE

How to Apply

Read the program information and terms of use carefully. If you have any questions, contact Admin Support by phone, 250.412.8513 or email.

  1. Complete & submit the application online, in-person at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre (527 Fraser Street) or by phone at 250.412.8513.
  2. Once the submitted application has been reviewed, we will be in touch via phone or email confirming whether or not it has been approved.

Terms of Use

Recognizing an individual may be independent in one environment and not in another, Leisure Assistant Pass holders are expected to only use their passes at venues where assistance is required. Within each venue, persons with a disability and assistants are expected to stay together. Misuse or abuse of the pass could result in termination of it and its privileges.

Lost pass? Please be advised there is a $10 fee to replace a lost pass.