Spirit Awards

Spirit Awards are presented to community individuals or groups who voluntarily perform above and beyond normal expectations to benefit the community. 

Spirit Award candidates can be nominated by community groups, residents, committees, Council members or Township staff. Nominations are considered by Council at in Camera meetings. Awards are presented to recipients at open Council meetings.

2023 Volunteer Spirit Award

Bill Armit (July 10)
Nicki Schell (July 10)
Marie Fidoe (August 28)

2018 Volunteer Spirit Award

Bryan Mee (December 17)
Esquimalt Teachers at Esquimalt High School, Rockheights Middle School, Ècole Macaulay Elementary School and École Victor-Brodeur (June)
Lorne Argyle (February 26)

2017 Volunteer Spirit Awards

Marilyn Day (Aug 21)

2016 Volunteer Spirit Awards

Kay Stidston - posthumously
Township Community Arts Council (Nov)
Esquimalt Farmers Market Society (Nov)
Carole Witter (Volunteer on many committees) - Oct 3 Council Meeting
Sherri Robinson (Volunteer with Archives) - Oct 3 Council Meeting
Bob Alexander (Town Crier) - Oct 3 Council Meeting
Diane Knight
Dino Fiorin
Bill Emery

2015 Certificate of Appreciation

Keith Lindner (as West Division Police Inspector and moving on to another position in Victoria Police Department)

2015 Volunteer Spirit Awards:

Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy (in honour of the 75th Anniversary)
Clint Taylor (Driver of the Esquimalt Float for many years)
Esquimalt Lions Club (Work on Esquimalt Float for many years)
Sam Macey (Work on Esquimalt Float for many years – he was the organizer)
Norah Macey (Work on Esquimalt Float for many years)
Esquimalt Kiwanis Club (the group disbanded this year and Council wished to express their appreciation for their years of service to the community)

2014 Volunteer Spirit Award

Bev Stewart (for her many years leading Block Watch in the community)
Meagan Klaassen (for her work with the Lyall Street Action Committee)


Service Groups were presented with Certificates of Recognition 

2012 Certificate of Recognition

Trish Fortier (teacher at Esquimalt High School)
Bob Beattie (teacher at Esquimalt High School)

Certificate of Appreciation

Donna Humphries/ Richard Mandy/Warren Carrie/Graham Lang/Jack Fleming
(recognition for their commitment to the Esquimalt Policing and Law Enforcement Advisory Board from 2010-2012)

Gabrielle Martin (assistance in designing the 2012 Esquimalt Arts Festival poster)
Matthew Pomeroy (assistance in designing the 2012 Esquimalt Arts Festival poster)

2011 Certificate of Appreciation

Darrell McLean (leaving as West Division Police Inspector)

2011 Volunteer Spirit Award

Peter Justo (for his work leading the ETAG team – Esquimalt Against Grafitti)

2010 Certificate of Appreciation

Derek Tolmie (for his work with the Crime Free Multi-Housing Project)

2009 Volunteer Spirit Award

Emmy Labonte/Peter Justo/Rachelle Perry/Sheila Fiorin (all for their role with ETAG)