Inclusion & Integration Support

Support & Inclusion

Our team wants to ensure every child can enjoy their camp experience. To best support children and families where additional supports may be required, please fill out the Child Support/Inclusion Needs Intake Form below and email the OSC Supervisor at [email protected] prior to registration. If your child has an EA at school, this form must be completed. Parents/Guardians of children with support or inclusion needs must disclose and discuss their child’s needs with the Camps Supervisor prior to enrolment. Please note that we only receive funding for one, 1:1 Support Worker therefore we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide care for all children requiring extra support. 

Child Support/Inclusion Needs Intake Form

To ensure your child has the best possible experience and receives the support they need within camps, families are encouraged to arrange additional support prior to program participation. 

The Supported Child Development Program through Island Health and the Aboriginal Supported Child Development through Victoria Native Friendship Centre work with families through offering observations, resources, ongoing support and training. We recommend contacting them early as demand is high. 

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Alex Judge- Recreation Supervisor at  [email protected]