Property tax payments

Property taxes are due and payable on the first business day in July each year.

A penalty of 10 per cent is applied to any unpaid current year taxes at the close of business on the due date. 

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Ways to pay your property taxes

1. By online or telephone banking

Pay your property tax bill at your bank or credit union using the following information:

  • Account number: use your folio number (numbers only, do not include the decimals)

  • Bill payee name: Esquimalt – TAX

* This may vary among financial institutions, i.e., "Esquimalt (Township) – Property Taxes" or "Esquimalt Prop Tax. 

2. Credit Card 

You may now pay your property taxes online by credit card.  Create a MyEsquimalt profile and register your property tax account. Paymentus is a third party online payment service which is independent from the Township of Esquimalt. Using this service will result in a 2.5% service fee collected by Paymentus. Please note: The option to pay by credit card is not available at Municipal Hall.

3. 24-hour mail slot

There is a secure mail slot located at the entrance to the Municipal Hall that is always accessible. Do not place cash in the mail slot.

Any payments deposited in the Esquimalt Municipal Hall mail drop box after July 4, 2023 will be subject to penalty. Credit cards are not accepted.

4. By mail

Mailed payments must be received no later than the penalty date printed on the tax notice to avoid the late penalty charges. Post dated cheques are acceptable.

Send your payment to:
Township of Esquimalt
1229 Esquimalt Rd
Esquimalt BC  V9A 3P1

5. At your bank

You can pay your property taxes at most financial institutions. For your payment to be considered on time, you must have a receipt from your bank date stamped on or before the tax due date. If making a payment on the due date, please check your bank stamp to ensure the correct date is shown.  Receipts date stamped after the penalty date will be subject to a 10 per cent penalty. 

6. Pay in person

To avoid a 10 per cent penalty, payment must be received at the Esquimalt Municipal Hall by July 4, 2023.

Bring your tax notice and payment to the Property Tax Department on the 2nd floor of the Municipal Hall at 1229 Esquimalt Rd. Acceptable payment methods include:

  • Personal cheques – payable to Township of Esquimalt *
  • Post-dated personal cheques *
  • Money orders
  • Bank drafts
  • Cheques issued by your credit card provider
  • Interac – please ensure your debit card daily transaction limit is sufficient before presenting the card for use
* Dishonoured cheques constitute non-payment of taxes and will be subject to penalty and interest.
* Credit cards are not accepted for payment of property taxes. 

7. Prepayments

You may make prepayments of $10 or more at any time from January 1 through to April 30.

If you prepay your taxes in full or in part between January 1 and April 30, your account will be credited with interest from the prepayment date through to the due date. The maximum prepayment amount allowed is the net taxes paid from the previous year.

You can only prepay your taxes if you have no unpaid taxes from previous years. Contact the Property Tax Department with any questions.

8. Pre-authorized payment plan

Planning ahead for next year's taxes, the Property Tax Pre-Authorized Payment Plan is an optional payment plan which allows you to make ten (10) equal payments for property taxes between August and May inclusive.  Any balance outstanding for current year taxes will be subject to penalty after the July due date.  There are no monthly withdrawals taken in June or July.  Please read your tax notice carefully to see if there is a further balance due.  You are still required to apply for your Home Owner Grant each year if you are eligible, even if there is a credit balance owing on your account.

9. With your mortgage payment

Your financial institution can pay your taxes on your behalf if you have made such an arrangement through your mortgage agreement. Contact your mortgage company for further information. Remember to apply for your home owner grant application directly to the Province of BC.

10. Tax deferment

You may be eligible to defer your current property taxes. The British Columbia Tax Deferment Program is a loan program that allows you to defer your annual property taxes on your home if you meet certain criteria. Only current year taxes are eligible for deferment. You will need to apply through the B.C. government website: