Secondary Suites

Council’s primary goals in allowing Secondary Suites are to 

  1. provide additional housing units in the community
  2. help out homeowners with their mortgages, and 3) ensure that suites are safe for residents.

For more information on secondary suites, please review this Excerpt from Zoning Bylaw 1992, No. 2050

If you are considering adding a Secondary Suite to your dwelling, you may need to apply for a Building Permit. Please contact Development Services for more information. 

Short term rentals

  • The Township of Esquimalt does not allow renting any part of a residential dwelling for a period of less than one month.
  • The Township does not issue business licences for short-term rentals as they are prohibited. 
  • The Provincial Government will be enforcing the Township's regulations. 
  • The Township expects to review its regulations around short-term rentals in the coming year. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to provide input. 
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