Online payments with MyEsquimalt

MyEsquimalt is an online payment platform that will allow you to access your township accounts 24 hours a day.

MyEsquimalt payment logoServices include applying for, reviewing and renewing business licences and dog licences. Residents are also able to sign up to receive an electronic property tax notice and make a payment online using a credit card.

Go to MyEsquimalt 
  • Create a profile, register your accounts and access your information
  • Review and renew business licences online and sign up for e-billing
  • Review and renew dog licences online and sign-up for e-billing
  • Review property tax accounts and sign up for e-billing
  • Apply for a business licence
  • Apply for a dog licence

Users can use Visa and Mastercard for payments and can see their records in one easy place.