Agendas, minutes & reports

How can I view agendas and minutes?

The agendas for upcoming Council and Committee of the Whole meetings are available by 4:30 p.m. on the Friday prior to the Monday meeting date.

They are available online or printed. Hard copies of the agenda are available at the Administration Department located in the municipal hall or at Council meetings. Agenda and minutes are posted to our Legistar site.

What is the Legistar site

This site allows you to view current and past agendas, meeting minutes, council reports and videos from meetings. 

How to use our Legistar site

Meeting materials

  1. Meeting details include staff reports and presentations that will be on the agenda
  2. The agenda outlines the topics and presentations scheduled for the meeting
  3. Minutes are posted after they are adopted by Council at a subsequent meeting
  4. The video can be watched live or the recording can be viewed the day after the meeting 

Presentation materials

Council meetings occasionally have presentations shared at the meeting that are unavailable in advance. Meeting presentations that are not included on the agenda will be posted the day following the meeting. 




Meeting type

Agenda and meeting documents

Late items

March 21, 2022Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
March 21, 2022Special CouncilAgenda 
March 15, 2022Special CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
March 14, 2022

Regular COTW

March 7, 2022Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
March 7, 2022Special CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
February 28, 2022Regular CouncilAgenda 
February 28, 2022Special CouncilAgenda 
February 4, 2022Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
February 4, 2022Special CouncilAgendaN/A
January 24, 2022Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
January 24, 2022Special COTWAgendaN/A
January 17, 2022Regular COTWAgendaN/A
December 20, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
December 20, 2021Special CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
December 13, 2021Regular COTWAgendaN/A
December 6, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
November 15, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
November 15, 2021Special CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
November 8, 2021Regular COTWAgendaLATE ITEM
November 1, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
November 1, 2021Special CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
October 25, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
October 18, 2021Regular COTWAgendaN/A
October 4, 2021Special CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
October 4, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
September 27, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
September 27, 2021Special CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
August 30, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
August 23, 2021Regular COTWAgendaN/A
August 16, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
July 12, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
July 12, 2021Special CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
July 5, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
June 28, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
June 14, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
May 17, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
May 3, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
April 26, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
April 12, 2021Regular CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
March 16, 2021Special CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
March 15, 2021CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
March 8, 2021Committee of the WholeAgendaN/A
March 1, 2021CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
February 22, 2021CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
February 22, 2021Special CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
February 1, 2021CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
January 25, 2021CouncilAgendaN/A
January 18, 2021CouncilAgendaN/A
January 11, 2021CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
December 21, 2020CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
December 7, 2020CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
November 16, 2020CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
November 16, 2020Special CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
November 9, 2020Committee of the WholeAgendaN/A
November 2, 2020CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
October 26, 2020CouncilAgendaN/A
October 19, 2020Special Committee of the WholeAgendaN/A
October 5, 2020CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
September 28, 2020CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
September 14, 2020CouncilAgendaN/A
September 14, 2020Special CouncilAgendaLATE ITEM
August 31, 2020CouncilAgendaN/A
August 24, 2020CouncilAgendaN/A
August 17, 2020CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
August 4, 2020Special Council

Agenda *Available July 31st

Liquor Licence Application - Public Notice
July 13, 2020CouncilAgenda


Item 5.1 Presentation

July 6, 2020CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
June 22, 2020CouncilAgendaLATE ITEMS
June 15, 2020Committee of the WholeAgendaLATE ITEMS
June 1, 2020CouncilAgendaN/A

Archived minutes, staff reports, presentations and other Council documents are available on the Legislation page of Legistar.

  1. Once at the Legislation page, input your search term

  2. Choose the time period

  3. Select the type of document you're looking for

  4. Click "Search Legislation" to get a list of possible matches

Archived agendas and minutes up to October 27, 2014 

Please contact us at  or in person at 1229 Esquimalt Road for materials prior to October 27, 2014.