Development Permit Applications

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The following is a list of active development permit applications and development permit applications completed in the last six months. The drawings below are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent approval by Council.

Last updated: April 24, 2024

533 Admirals Road
Rolling Tides Construction Inc.
1530 Shawnigan Lake Road
Shawnigan Lake, BC V0R 2W5
Description: Storage extension
File: DP000230Site Plan and Elevation
904 Admirals RoadVijay Bhangu
Description: New duplex
File: DP000226Site Plan and Elevation
1072 Colville RoadDavid Kindrat & Alyssa Carlson
Description: New duplex
Status:DP000224 Approved on January 15, 2024
File: DP000224Site Plan and Elevation
1076 Colville RoadDavid Kindrat & Alyssa Carlson
Description: New duplex
Status:DP000225 Approved on January 15, 2024
File: DP000225Site Plan and Elevation
1006 Craigflower Road
1008 Craigflower Road
Denciti Development Corp.
1620-1885 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 4E6
Description: Mixed-use commercial-residential building
Status:DP000222 Approved on April 22, 2024
File: DP000222Site Plan and Elevation
817 Esquimalt RoadZeidler Architecture
400-1207 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC V8W 2E7
Description: Senior's apartment building
Status:DP000189 Amendment No. 1 approved on September 25, 2023
File: DP000219Site Plan and Elevation
820 Esquimalt Road
833 Old Esquimalt Road
837 Old Esquimalt Road
Denciti Development Corp.
1620-1885 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 4E6
Description: 135-unit apartment building
Status:DP000223 approved on on December 18, 2023
File: DP000223Site Plan and Elevation
900 Esquimalt Road
900 Carlton Terrace
GMC Projects Inc.
200-101 Island Highway
Victoria, BC V9B 1E8
Description: 26-storey mixed-use commercial-residential building
Status:DP000221 approved on April 8, 2024
File: DP000221Site Plan and Elevation
625 Lampson StreetStephen Inglis
Description: New detached accessory dwelling unit
Status:Presented to the Advisory Planning Commission on April 18, 2023
File: DP000216Site Plan and Elevation
884 Lampson StreetLida Developments Inc.
6105 Patricia Bay Hwy
Victoria, BC V8Y 1T5
Description: 119-unit residential building
Status:DP000228 Approved on April 22, 2024
File: DP000228Site Plan and Elevation
815 Selkirk Avenue
825 Selkirk Avenue
TLA Developments
210-10464 Mayfield Road
Edmonton, AB T5P 4P4
Description: 46-unit residential building
Status:Presented to the Design Review Committee on August 10, 2022
File: DP000199Site Plan and Elevation
924 Selkirk AvenueJesse Ratcliffe
Description: Addition to a single-family dwelling in Development Permit Area No. 2
File: DP000198Site Plan and Elevation
958 Wollaston StreetWaymark Architecture
1826 Government Street
Victoria, BC V8T 4N5
Description: 4-unit development
File: DP000231Site Plan and Elevation