Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program

Upcoming Sessions

No current sessions have been scheduled. 

Emergency Preparedness Sessions

The sessions below are offered periodically during the year depending on the level of interest. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an on-site session for your community group, please send an email to [email protected] 

Individual, Family and Neighbourhood Preparedness Workshop - 1.5 Hours

This workshop provides a basic overview of general emergency preparedness including understanding hazards in our region, how to make a family plan, build emergency kits, communicate during an emergency, and make your home safer.

Emergency Preparedness Sessions – 30 minutes

The following short, 30 minute sessions will provide an overview of emergency preparedness for specific topics:

  • Grab n Go Kits - purpose of having a kit, what items to include and why, options of places to purchase items, and  personal experiences about why a kit is so important.
  • Young Children – how to talk to young children about preparing for an emergency including plans for when they are at home, in pre-school or elementary school.
  • Pets – emergency kits for pets, plans for your pet if you aren’t able to get home, and reducing stress in your pet. 
  • Seniors – emergency kits and additional considerations for health and mobility issues, medications, and working with the “Buddy System.”
  • People with Disabilities – emergency kits and additional considerations, evacuations that do not allow the use of mobility aids, special supplies, and working with the “Buddy System.” 

Are you passionate about emergency preparedness? We are always looking for volunteers to assist in the delivery of presentations and to help provide information to residents during public events. Interested? Please contact the emergency program office at 250-414-7120 or email [email protected]