Integrated resource management: public engagement

We want to hear from you!

The Township of Esquimalt is carrying out a study to assess if integrated resource management (IRM) through the use of a gasification plant is possible and of interest to the Esquimalt community. Read the news release.

This plant would process municipal solid waste, kitchen scraps and yard/garden waste streams. The Township has hired consultants to prepare information regarding costs, feasibility and impacts to better help residents and business owners understand the full scope of this potential project.

While the survey closed October 9, you are welcome to submit your comments to [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

The Township is currently undergoing a public engagement phase with the results to be shared with council as part of council's evaluation of the initiative. Through a short survey, residents and business owners are asked how they feel about a possible IRM approach to managing waste in Esquimalt.

How you can participate

  1. Before taking the survey, learn about the project through:

Thank you to the Esquimalt Farmers Market for hosting our booth on September 17.

Next steps

Council will see the results of the public engagement campaign presented in a report to at a Committee of the Whole meeting this fall. You're invited to share feedback at the meeting in addition to the survey. The final date for the meeting will be published in advance to allow for input opportunities.


Email [email protected] or call 250-414-7108.

You may also submit your thoughts to council directly at [email protected]