Recreation Jobs Skills

Do you want a job that is fun, embodies a holistic approach to health & wellness, offers flexibility AND let's you work in a supportive team environment? 

Throughout the year, Esquimalt Parks and Recreation hires for numerous positions, including:

  • Lifeguards, Swim Instructors
  • Summer Camp Leaders
  • Fitness Staff: WaterFit Instructors, Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers
  • Building Maintenance Workers
  • Program Leaders (Instructors)
  • Receptionists

Training information

Benefits to Working in Recreation

  • Flexible Schedule. The Esquimalt Recreation Centre is open seven days a week with programs running throughout most hours of operation.  To serve our clients during these times, there are opportunities to throughout the day, every day of the week!
  • Portfolio & Skill Development. With the tremendous variety of employment opportunities in recreation, there is an opportunity to expand your skills and explore new horizons. Many of the skills you use in your recreation employment also transfer exceptionally well to opportunities outside of recreation. For example: 
    • Attending university to become a teacher? Working as a program leader, swim or fitness instructors, allows you to gain experience in lesson planning and applying teaching methods to a wide variety of learners.
    • Looking to become a medic, nurse or doctor? Lifegarding provide opportunities to develop your leadership skills and provide patient care.
  • It's fun! Be a part of the facility, program and events that you enjoy attending in your leisure! You get to work with a team to create that desireable experience for guests - work where you play & play where you work.