Business Façade Improvement Program

Giving local businesses a boost

The physical environment in which we live and work has a great impact on us. A community that is more appealing to the eye gives its citizens a greater sense of place and safety and welcomes visitors. For a commercial property, one of the strongest determinants of the character and quality is its building frontage.

The Township of Esquimalt, in partnership with the Esquimalt Chamber of Commerce, are pleased to offer this program to provide monetary assistance and design services as an incentive for commercial building and business owners to improve the character and physical appearance of their buildings. Read the announcement.

The Business Façade Improvement Program (“BFIP”) is intended to improve the physical
appearance of commercial buildings, specifically street-facing façades, and retail
storefronts. The objective of this program is to make significant improvements to the
appearance of our business corridors, even if it is just one building at a time. Each retail and commercial building within the program area is eligible to apply with a façade improvement estimated at $2,000 in minimum renovation costs.

Who can apply?

A commercial property or business owner may apply. If the applicant is the business owner, the property owner must approve the application in writing, confirming that the applicant will pay for all improvements. If the property owner applies, the business(es) within the building must be currently operational and be located within the Township boundaries. Details in the guidebook.

What does the grant cover? 

The grant is intended to pay for labour and materials to complete façade improvements on main roads and, for corner buildings, façades on intersecting streets. Details in the guidebook.

Application process

* Extended * Complete an application form no later than April 15 for evaluation in the same calendar year. Applications are considered on an annual basis.

Business Façade Improvement Application

Project Review Committee

This Committee, comprised of Esquimalt Chamber of Commerce and Township of
Esquimalt staff, will review all applications to confirm their eligibility. All applicants will be advised, in writing, of the Committee’s decision by March 31 each year.

Read the complete Business Façade Improvement Guidelines for details about eligibility and timelines.