Public Art

Public art in Esquimalt 

Esquimalt Council adopted a Public Art Policy in 2016 to ”cultivate a more vibrant community full of visually exciting and identifiable spaces where art in all its forms is incorporated into everyday life.” This policy was further amended in 2022 to incorporate a public art plan. 

Public Art Policy

A focus on art

The Township has created a plan to guide art in public spaces.

The purpose of the plan is to define the future direction, philosophy, policies, priorities and actions for the Township of Esquimalt relating to public art.

Public art was one of the planning criteria for the proposed development and revitalization of Esquimalt’s Town Square

Artist Opportunities 
Find opportunities for local artists including calls for public art, exhibitions and more. 

Residents of Greater Victoria and visitors are treated year-round to arts and culture through events and exhibits. 

Public Art at the Municipal Hall

The Esquimalt Muncipal Hall has several works of art, including original watercolours, acrylics, and limited edition prints, on display in public areas, meeting rooms, and offices.

When the new Municipal Hall was opened in 2004, Esquimalt held its first public art competition and three new art works were selected and installed on the exterior of the building:

1. Re-emergence of the Lifebringers by Marianne Nicolson
The title refers to the light images that appear at night. The images are taken from pictographs, which appear along the coast. More...

2. Thunderbird Orca Spindle Whorl by Charles Elliott
The carving represents the legend of the Thunderbird and Orca/Killer Whale. The Thunderbird is the mythical spiritual bird and the Orca would be the physical ruler with the mighty power of the seaworld. More...

3. Mosaic Garden by Rosemary and Geoff Murray
The mosaic garden can be found on the concrete column bases in front of the Esquimalt library.

4. Ribbon of Life by Daniel Cline
Ribbon of Life is a one-of-a-kind marble sculpture by Chemainus-based artist Daniel Cline. It was unveiled by the Township on Monday November 10th, 2014. More...

Visit Landmarks, a searchable website dedicated to the presentation of public art in the capital region.