Sidewalks are defined as public avenues of access that are:

  • parallel the street
  • generally constructed of concrete
  • constructed by the municipality or developers for the municipality
  • maintained by the municipality

Trip Hazards

Funding from the annual municipal operating and maintenance budget is allocated for the maintenance and repair of sidewalks, including the repair of sidewalks that present '”trip hazards” to pedestrians.

To prioritize the order in which sidewalk trip hazards are repaired, Public Works staff carry out inspections of all sidewalks every three years. Trip hazards are rated and then repaired in order of priority, as the annual budget permits.

If you have a concern about a trip hazard in Esquimalt, contact 250-414-7108. Public Works staff will inspect areas of concern and add these to the repair list.

Sidewalk Maintenance Policy

Private property owners are responsible for:

  • maintaining all pedestrian and vehicular accesses that are generally perpendicular to the street, but are located behind the municipal curb or behind the municipal curb and sidewalk
  • identifying and repairing any trip hazards between the back of the sidewalk or curb (if no municipal sidewalk has been constructed) and a private access
  • clearing snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of their premises