Councillor Profiles

Esquimalt is led by a Municipal Council, which includes a Mayor and six Councillors, who are elected to their positions for four-year terms. Mayor and Council create bylaws and policies, approve the municipal budget, and serve on various committees within the municipality and region.

Esquimalt Mayor and Council 2018 - 2022

Clockwise from top left: Councillor Meagan Brame, Councillor Jacob Helliwell, Councillor Tim Morrison, Councillor Jane Vermeulen, Councillor Ken Armour, Mayor Barbara Desjardins and Councillor Lynda Hundleby 

Barbara  Desjardins - Mayor


After serving three years on Esquimalt Municipal Council, Barb Desjardins was first elected Mayor of Esquimalt in November of 2008. She was re-elected as Mayor in 2011, 2014 and 2018, Esquimalt’s longest consecutive serving Mayor.  She was the Capital Regional District [CRD] Board Chair, elected in both 2016 and 2017.

Throughout her elected career, she has long been known for her accessibility, collaborative approach, and personal attention to the issues raised by her constituents. 

Mayor Desjardins has a background as a physiotherapist. Over the years, she has been the owner of four physiotherapy clinics within the region.

In her family and professional life, Barb is a strong advocate for active and healthy living.

As a public servant Barb is guided by a couple of rules: 1) Pay personal attention to issues and 2) Be a visible and active participant in your community 3) Be a strong advocate for the Esquimalt community.

  • Capital Regional District Board / Hospital Board
  • Capital Region Housing Corporation Board
  • Destination Greater Victoria
  • South Island Prosperity Project
  • Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board (Co-Chair)
Internal Appointments
  • Department of National Defence Liaison
  • Emergency Executive Committee
  • School Liaison (Alternate)
  • Township Community Arts Council

Jane Vermeulen - Councillor

Jane Vermeulen

Jane Vermeulen has been a resident of Esquimalt for over ten years. She is a mother of two young children, spouse of an active military member, veterinarian, and advocate for homeless and low-income pet owners. Dr. Vermeulen is the founder of Vets for Pets Victoria which offers free monthly pet-care at Our Place Society. She was also the coordinator of Women's Campaign School for two years, a coordinator for the Tall Ships Festival and participant in several community events.

She served the residents of Esquimalt until her resignation on July 15, 2022.

Internal Appointments

Ken Armour - Councillor

Ken Armour

Ken, who currently works at the BC Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology, has 25 years experience in successfully developing and implementing economic and social policies and programs at the management level in the BC and federal governments.  His education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Bachelor of Education, and a Masters of Public Administration. His past experience includes being the Chair of the Esquimalt Advisory Planning Commission, Vice President of the Esquimalt Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of the Township Community Arts Council and President of the Victoria chapter of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada.  Ken enjoys reading, running, cycling, hiking and travelling. He lives with his wife and his cat in the Rockheights area of Esquimalt.  Ken’s goals for the upcoming term are to 1) grow Esquimalt’s business community, 2) adopt a more collaborative approach to development proposals in Esquimalt, and 3) position Esquimalt as the arts capital of Vancouver Island.

  • Te'mexw Treaty Advisory Committee
Internal Appointments
  • ETAG (Esquimalt Together Against Graffiti)
  • Local Grants Committee
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Liaison
  • School Liaison

Meagan Brame - Councillor

Meagan Brame

Meagan Brame is a wife and mother to two great young men and has had a business in Esquimalt for over 25 years. Meagan has been on Council since 2008. Meagan has always been known as a strong supporter for children, youth and families in our community and is actively involved in many community events and committees. She is involved not just because she is a councillor but because she believes in Esquimalt. Meagan participates and works hard in everything she does and truly follows the Esquimalt motto of “live work and play in Esquimalt.” Over the years Meagan has served on the Esquimalt Chamber of Commerce, Advisory Planning Commission, CRD Arts Commission, Buccaneer Days, Celebration of Lights, School Liaison and the Environment Committee. Meagan believes in open dialogue and communication and looks forward to working for her community.

  • Art of Reconciliation Project (Alternate)
  • Capital Regional District Arts Committee (Alternate)
  • Capital Regional District Board / Hospital Board (Alternate)
  • Capital Region Housing Corporation Board (Alternate)
  • Municipal Insurance Association of BC (Alternate #2)
  • Regional Housing Trust Fund Commission
  • South Island Prosperity Project (Alternate)
  • Victoria Labour Relations Association (Alternate)
Internal Appointments
  • Celebration of Lights Committee
  • Environmental Advisory Committee Liaison
  • Esquimalt Community Arts Hub

Jacob Helliwell - Councillor

Jacob Helliwell

Jacob Helliwell has a long family history in Esquimalt and currently lives on Foster Street with his wife, Maria, and their cat, Luna. He has built his career in public sector financial management and currently works for the BC Public Service in financial planning and analysis. He holds an accounting designation (CPA, CMA) and will soon complete his Master of Public Administration degree. Jacob is an active volunteer and a strong supporter of community groups. He has volunteered extensively with Rotary International, the University of Victoria, the Association of Professional Economists of BC, the Township, and many local organizations. Jacob is looking forward to engaging with the community and is excited and honoured to be a part of the decision-making team for Esquimalt.

  • Capital Regional Climate Action Inter-Municipal Task Force
  • Capital Regional Emergency Services Telecommunication (C.R.E.S.T.) (Alternate)
  • Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (Alternate)
  • Municipal Insurance Association of British Columbia
  • Partners for Climate Protection
Internal Appointments
  • Bucaneer Days Committee
  • Local Grants Committee
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Liaison

Lynda Hundleby - Councillor

Lynda Hundleby

Lynda Hundleby, a resident of Esquimalt for many years, is married, has two adult children, and three grandchildren. Lynda retired from a career as a pharmacist, with work in retail, hospital, and government management (provincial). Prior to her Council terms, she was actively involved in the community including Parent Advisory Councils (local and district) as well as the Esquimalt Parks and Recreation Commission. In sixteen years of service to the community in her role as Councillor, she has served on most internal and external committees including Alternate Director at the Capital Regional District, the Regional Water Supply Commission, the Greater Victoria Public Library Board, and CRD Arts Development. Lynda has demonstrated her commitment and dedication to the community through her active participation, respect for all people, and her willingness to listen. 

  • Capital Regional District Arts Committee
  • Capital Regional Water Supply Commission (Alternate)
  • Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association (Alternate)
  • Municipal Insurance Association of BC
  • Partners for Climate Protection (Alternate)
  • Te'mexw Treaty Advisory Committee (Alternate)
  • Victoria Family Court Youth Justice Committee
Internal Appointments
  • Advisory Planning Commission (APC) Liaison
  • APC Design Review Committee (DRC) Liaison

Tim Morrison - Councillor

Tim Morrison

Currently in his third term as a Councillor, Tim Morrison has extensive governance experience serving on a variety of local and regional committees, boards and commissions on behalf of Esquimalt. A seasoned communications professional, Tim currently works in a senior communications role at the BC Assessment Authority, responsible for coordinating communications for over two million properties with a combined value of about $2 trillion.  He has also worked, volunteered and travelled throughout the world. Having visited over 80 countries on six continents, Tim has experienced a vast array of communities and a diversity of cultures.  He has been a school trustee, teacher, journalist, adventure tour guide and travel writer. Tim is a registered member of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) and a graduate of Simon Fraser University where he studied political science, communications and geography. 

  • Capital Regional Water Supply Commission
  • Capital Regional Emergency Services Telecommunication (C.R.E.S.T.)
  • Greater Victoria Harbour Authority
  • Municipal Insurance Association of BC (Alternate #1)
Internal Appointments
  • Environmental Advisory Committee Liaison
  • Esquimalt Farmers Market Society