Finance and budget

The finance department inputs transactions daily to provide up-to-date information for residents, council and staff. Daily activities include taking payments and preparing dog licensesbusiness licensesproperty taxes, and payroll for the municipality.

Municipal financial statements are prepared for audit by March 30 each year and a copy of the audited financial statements are included with each year's annual report. If you require further details regarding financial reporting, please contact the Finance Department.

2023 budget process

You may download the complete 2023-2027 Financial Plan and Budget Schedule

Important dates including meetings where council seeks public input:

  • February 6: Council meeting and special council meeting—core budget presentations by department heads to provide departmental objectives and achievements to council;
    • early budget approvals (public input opportunity)
    • Police Board budget presentation 
  • February 13: Policy review with council- feedback on policies and objectives for inclusion in the Financial Plan Bylaw (public input opportunity) See the financial plan discussion and presentation.
    • In the Financial Plan 2023 Policy Objectives Review, learn about:
      • how the township uses and safeguards your tax dollars
      • how the budget is drafted and opportunities for community input
      • assessments and how they impact the taxes you pay
      • how property taxes are calculated and options for tax relief
  • March 6:
    • Local grant approvals (to include in the Financial Plan)
    • Library Board budget presentation 
    • Draft budget presentation (discussion of key budget components and proposed tax increase: public input opportunity)
  • March 14: Special council meeting—consideration of 2023–2027 requests to approve supplemental operating and capital requests subject to funding
  • April 3: Council meeting—tax rate policy discussion (Director of Financial Services presents options for council to reach consensus on property tax rate policy/tax rates: public input opportunity)
  • April 24: Council meeting—three readings of financial plan and tax rate bylaws
  • May 1: Council meeting—adoption of financial plan and tax rate bylaws. 

All meeting information will be posted on our Legistar site with council agenda information. 

2023 budget

Find out how to provide input at meetings. Please note that you can contact council with budget feedback any time.

    For general finance inquiries, please call 250-414-7100.