Pesticide Reduction & Disposal

Esquimalt has adopted a Pesticide Use Reduction bylaw, which bans the non-essential use of pesticides on residential properties. The municipality hopes to educate residents about safer alternatives to pesticides and will be imposing fines for pesticide use, which are outlined in the bylaw, beginning July 14, 2009. An information sheet has been prepared to explain the purpose and regulations of the bylaw.

What are pesticides?  

Pesticides are insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides designed to eliminate undesired insects, weeds, rodents, fungi, bacteria and other organisms. Pesticides pose health risks to humans and risks to the environment and non-target plants and animals.

Pesticide disposal

Find out about safe pesticide disposal.

Visit the CRD’s website for:

Five Steps to a Healthy Lawn

  1. Mow on a high setting
  2. Leave grass clippings on the lawn
  3. Water wisely - only 1" (2.5 cm) per week
  4. Aerate and de-thatch as needed
  5. Take leftover pesticides to an authorized dealer More   

Drop off leftover pesticides at no charge at the following depots:

 Hartland Landfill
 Hartland Avenue, West Saanich



 Alpine Recycling
 1045 Dunford Avenue



 Ellice Recycling 
 524 David Street



How to Transport Pesticides

Transport pesticides in their original containers, with lids securely fastened, and unmixed with any other product.

Disposal Tips

Dispose of leftover pesticides in an environmentally responsible way. Do not:

  • Dump pesticides into the garbage as these chemicals will eventually leach out of the landfill and enter the natural environment

  • Flush pesticides down your toilet, sink, or drain. These chemicals can harm septic systems and contaminate the natural environment

  • Pour or hose pesticides down storm drains. Rainwater will mix with chemicals that will harm our watershed, flowing unchecked into the region's creeks, streams, lakes and eventually the Pacific Ocean.