Urban Deer in Esquimalt

Urban Deer in Esquimalt

Columbian black-tailed deer are native to BC, ranging from the central coast of BC along the coastline into California. They’re part of the natural environment that makes Esquimalt such an extraordinary place to live.

Black-tailed deer thrive near forest edges, using the underbrush for foraging and cover. Wooded urban environments like golf courses, parks and roadside greenbelts are common places to find them making them a common sight in Esquimalt. 

Human-deer Conflicts

Due to the abundance of deer in Esquimalt, you may come across them in your backyard,  or while walking, cycling and driving. There are several ways to reduce the impacts of these conflicts like making your yard deer-resistant, slowing down in areas where deer are frequent, and understanding how to react when encountering a deer. More information can be found here.


Residents that would like to erect a sign on their property to warn drivers of potential deer conflicts can pick up a "Caution - Expect Deer" sign at Municipal Hall or the Public Works yard.

For more information on human-wildlife conflicts, please see the Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society or BC SPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Wild ARC) websites.