Fire Prevention & Recovery

Esquimalt Fire Rescue offers the following resources and information for fire prevention and recovery:

Fire Inspections

Fire Department Inspectors will visit commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential properties at least once a year to perform fire inspections. More

Fire Safety Plans

Every building is required to create and maintain its own fire safety plan. Esquimalt Fire Rescue can assist you to design a fire safety plan that is specific to your business. More

Smoke Alarm

Although most homes have at least one smoke alarm, almost 50% of home fires and 60% of fire deaths occur in homes with no alarms. By properly placing, and regularly testing and maintaining your alarms, you can ensure that they are working and will alert you if a fire breaks out. Please watch the Working Smoke Alarm video for more information on smoke alarms.  More 

How to Select and Use a Fire Extinguisher

We all have fire extinguishers in our homes or businesses. But how many people know how to use them? Extinguishers can often stop a waste paper basket fire or cooking fire, while it is still small. It is important to know what type of extinguisher to have and how to use it…. More

Fireplace Safety

Wood fires can be enjoyed safely in the home by taking a few simple steps including burn dry, well-seasoned wood that has been split properly. Ensure your fireplace is inspected regularly and cleaned as needed. 

Barbeque Safety Tips

The Esquimalt Fire Rescue Department recommends that you use this simple checklist to ensure that you have a safe barbeque. More

Fire Recovery

Assessing Your Property: A pre-fire inventory along with a videotape of all your property could prove to be a valuable record when making your claim. Also includes information about adjusting the loss and salvage hints. More

Oil Tanks

The BC Fire Code governs the removal and installation of oil tanks. A permit obtained from the fire department at no charge, is required for the removal of underground oil storage tanks. More