Garbage accepted for collection includes

  • trade waste (wrappers, packaging, etc.)
  • household garbage
  • non-recyclable paper and plastics
  • rubbish

Materials that are not accepted for garbage pick-up include

  • rocks
  • stumps
  • large metal objects
  • loose and/or dusty materials (items such as vacuum dust, cat litter, sawdust, etc.) must be appropriately bagged and sealed
  • any object that does not fit into the containers described above
  • any of the banned materials listed below

Banned materials include

  • clean corrugated cardboard boxes
  • clean corrugated cardboard packing materials
  • directories
  • gypsum board or wall board
  • construction waste (including concrete, wood)
  • hazardous waste (excluding animal excrement, soiled diapers, and used personal hygiene products that are appropriately bagged and sealed)
  • tires
  • paper fibres as defined in the Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Bylaw
  • yard and garden waste
  • food scraps

Yard and garden waste

In 2006, the Capital Regional District banned yard and garden waste from the garbage. Learn more about how you can dispose of your waste. 

Acceptable containers

Garbage bins are provided by the Township and are 121 litres in size. 

Esquimalt garbage collection violation stickers

You may receive a violation sticker on your garbage or kitchen scraps bin if your bin does not comply with municipal regulations.  Violation examples include:  

  • Bin not at curbside by 7AM
  • Bungees or clips not removed by 7AM
  • Non-regulated municipal bin
  • Kitchen scraps in garbage bin
  • Garbage in kitchen scraps bin
  • Recyclables in either bin
  • Yard waste in either bin
  • Pet feces in kitchen scraps bin (must be bagged in garbage bin)
  • Hazardous waste in either bin
  • No “extra bag” sticker
  • 100% Compostable bags only
  • Overfilled (2” from lid)
  • Loose/dusty materials not bagged and sealed
  • Container not sanitary
  • Construction materials in either bin
  • Refuse not in a bin
  • Overweight bin (55 lbs/24 kg) 

Number of containers

Single family residences, business and suites are permitted one Township garbage and one Township kitchen scraps bin per two week period. 

Extra garbage

If you have extra garbage you will be required to have

  1. An extra Township regulation garbage bin.
    • Bins can be purchased at the municipal hall (1229 Esquimalt Road) for $95 each.
  2. An extra garbage sticker to place on the extra bin.
    • Extra garbage stickers can be purchased at the Municipal Hall at a cost of four for $8. Stickers are sold at the municipal hall during office hours. 

Garbage can also be taken to the Hartland Landfill, Ellis Recycling for a fee, or picked up by a private disposal company.  Questions? Contact 250-414-7108.

Garbage pick-up

The garbage crew will empty garbage and kitchen scraps bins from the curbside. Garbage bins must be out at the curbside by 7 a.m. on your pickup day. If you have difficulties getting your bins to the curbside, an assistance program is available.

Scattered or spilled garbage

It is the responsibility of property owners to keep their garbage and kitchen scraps bins contained and to clean it up and spills.