Special Event Bookings

If you are holding an event in Esquimalt, you may require a special event permit.

A Special Event Permit is required when:

  • You are booking a public facility. This includes a park, a recreation facility, a roadway, or the Town Square
  • You require special support to conduct your event (e.g. closing a road, using municipal equipment, requiring Police or Fire Department staff support)
  • You are inviting large numbers and/or the public to attend your event
  • Your event will impact the community in general, including local businesses and neighbours.

>>> Download a Special Event Permit Application

*** Please note an incomplete application will be returned. Bookings cannot be made and a permit for your event cannot be issued until a completed application form is received.***

Please return completed special event application form ATTN Community Development Programmer:

  • by email to [email protected] or
  • in person at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre or Archie Browning Sports Centre.