Township Symbols

The Township of Esquimalt has two official symbols: the corporate coat of arms and corporate logo.

1. Corporate Coat of Arms

Esquimalt Corporate Coat of ArmsThe Township of Esquimalt coat of arms is reserved for official or ceremonial purposes. The motto, "Es-whoy-malth" is an anglicized version from the local Lekwungen First Nations people - who lived in Esquimalt Harbour for hundreds of years before Europeans arrived -  for "the place of gradually shoaling water." The Township's name is derived from this early reference.


Please contact Communications for permission to use the coat of arms.

2. Corporate Logo

Township of EsquimaltThe corporate logotype was adopted in 2008. This logotype reflects historical, natural , and contemporary themes.The logo is used for daily use on printed materials (including publications, correspondence, and advertising), signs, and the municipal website. 

Esquimalt’s corporate coat of arms is reserved for official or ceremonial purposes.


The logo has three components:

  • The word Esquimalt with a “Q” that is shaped like a wave - Esquimalt is written in a serif font, which pays tribute to Esquimalt’s history and sense of tradition. The Q reflects Esquimalt’s geographic location, surrounded by water, and suggests forward movement and progress.
  • “Township of” written in a sans-serif font, which is clean, crisp, and modern - This text was included to ensure that materials could be easily identified as originating from the municipality.
  • The wave -The wave creates balance in the logo, also suggests forward movement and progress, and reflects Esquimalt’s geographic location and naval roots.

The Township of Esquimalt logotype is easily identifiable and will help to promote pride and recognition within the community.


Please contact Communications for permission to use the corporate logo. 

Download graphic standards for using the corporate logo.