Pickleball frequently asked questions

Pickleball FAQ's

Where are the new pickleball courts located?

The new pickleball courts are located at the Archie Browning Sports Centre Curling Arena, 1151 Esquimalt Road.


Are the Pickleball Courts permanent?

The new courts will be a fixture at the Archie Browning Arena from May 18 – mid September 2024. During the fall and winter months curling ice will be restored to its original state where curling league play and programs will take place. The Pickleball courts will return, to the curling rink, in the spring of 2025. 


Can I still play pickleball during the winter?

Yes! We will still be offering drop-in pickleball and pickleball programs during the fall and winter at the Esquimalt Recreation Center, 527 Fraser St. 


During the summer where will drop-in pickleball be played?

From May 18 to mid September drop-in pickleball will continue, however it will be moved from the gym at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre to the Archie Browning Sports Center curling area courts. 

How do I sign up for pickleball programs?  


  • Book online  
  • In person at the Recreation Centre located at 527 Fraser Street  
  • Phone at 250-412-8500 

What is the refund policy for programs and court rentals? 
All registered programs, run by the Victoria Regional Pickleball Association, are non-refundable. All court rental fees are non-refundable, unless four (4) days notice is given.  

When will the Township of Esquimalt be offering pickleball lessons?  

Registration is open now for May and June 2024 programs.  Summer program registration will open on June 5, 2024. You can register for a variety of lessons and clinics. 

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Who can participate in the pickleball program? 

Pickleball programs are open to everyone.  Participants of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to join in the fun. All pickleball courts are open on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is required for all programs.  


What equipment do I need to participate? 

Participants are encouraged to bring in their own equipment such as pickleball paddles and balls.  During registered programs, basic equipment will be available to rent.  Please note: Court Rental attendees are required to bring their own paddles and balls.  All participants are required to wear proper footwear, no sandals, or open toed shoes. 


Will there be instructors available for guidance?  

We have certified instructors for registered programs who will be able to teach you everything you need to know on your journey to become a pickleball enthusiast.


Will there be instructors at the drop-in sessions? 

 The drop-in programs will have a facilitator who will be able to support the programs and ensure all players are abiding by the rules and code of conduct.  

Are there any membership requirements to participate?

No membership is required. All participants are required to register for our drop-in programs, lessons, or clinics. 


Will there be opportunities for competitive play?

 Yes, in addition to recreational play, there will be opportunities for competitive play through higher skill open plays, organized tournaments, and leagues. 


I see there are different skill levels, how do I know where I stand?   

You can take a self assessment on the Great Victoria Pickleball Association website. 

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How can I get involved as a volunteer or sponsor?

 If you're interested in volunteering in the pickleball programs, please contact:

 Maureen Vear   


How can I stay updated on program news and events? 

Stay connected by following our social media channels, checking our website regularly, and signing up for our e-newsletter. Facebook - Instagram - X (formerly Twitter)


Who can I contact if I have further questions?

For additional information please contact our program team via email.

Contact us 


Are there any age restrictions for booking a pickleball facility? 
Age restrictions may vary depending on the booking type. Please check the booking name as age groups will be specified on the event booking.  


Can I book a pickleball court for regular weekly play? 
Yes, we offer many options for regular weekly play, such as league play , instructional programs, drop-in play, and court rentals


What safety measures are in place at pickleball facilities? 

  • Safety measures have been developed to ensure there is capacity limits for the enjoyment for all.   
  • We require all participants to wear appropriate athletic footwear, no open toed, or sandals.
  • We encourage the use of protective eye wear, however, this is not mandatory.