Required Policies

Development - commercial, industrial and institutional

Esquimalt Small Business Backgrounder (PDF)
Esquimalt Ship Repair Backgrounder (PDF)
Esquimalt Education and Training Backgrounder (PDF)
A Guide to Green Choices: Land Use Decisions in BC Communities (PDF)
Healthy Built Environment Linkages (PDF)

Development - residential

Affordable Housing Workshop Summary Report - May 5, 2017 (PDF)
Esquimalt Development Backgrounder (PDF)
Housing Market Outlook - Victoria FALL 2015 (PDF)
Public Policies that Unintentionally Encourage and Subsidize Urban Sprawl (PDF)


Esquimalt’s Healthy Housing Forum - Presentations and Discussions (PDF)
Capital Region Housing Data Book & Gap Analysis (PDF)
Affordable Housing for BC’s Capital Region: Tools for the Future (PDF)
Healthy Built Environment Linkages (PDF)
Seniors and Housing: The Challenge Ahead (PDF)
Community Amenity Contributions: Balancing Community Planning, Public Benefits and Housing Affordability (PDF)
Development of a Housing Action Plan (PDF)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions - energy and climate change

Esquimalt Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Reports (web)
Esquimalt Environment Backgrounder (PDF)
Esquimalt Bylaw No. 2732 – GHG Targets (PDF)
Esquimalt - Community Energy and Emissions Inventory 2010 (PDF)
Proposed Development Permit Areas for Water Conservation, Energy Conservation and GHG Reduction in Esquimalt (PDF)
BC Climate Action Toolkit (web)
ReTooling for Climate Change (web)
GHG Targets Workbook (PDF)
Bill 27: Opportunities and Strategies for Green Action by BC Local Governments (PDF)
Development Permit Areas for Climate Action: A guide for energy conservation, water conservation and GHG emissions reduction (PDF)
Energy Efficiency & Buildings (PDF)
Renewable Energy Guide – Policy and Governance Tools (PDF)
Preparing for Climate Change: An Implementation Guide for LG in BC (PDF)
Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change (web)
The Green Buildings Guide: Tools for LGs to Promote Site Sustainability (PDF)
Community Energy Planning: The Value Proposition (PDF)
Top Asks for Climate Action - Ramping Up Low Carbon Communities (web)
Acting on Climate Change Solutions from Scholars (PDF)

Infrastructure - water, sewer and storm water

Storm water Source Control Design Guidelines - MetroVan (PDF)
Re-inventing Rainwater Management (PDF)
Moving Towards Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management (PDF)

Natural Environment 

Council Resolution: Right to a Healthy Environment (PDF)
Development Permit Area No. 4 - Gorge Waterway (see OCP page 65) (PDF)
Capital Region Sea Level Rise Planning Approaches Project Report (PDF)
Provincial Flood Hazard Areas Land Use Management Guidelines (PDF)


Cycling Infrastructure in the Township of Esquimalt (Report) (PPT)
The Esquimalt Pedestrian Charter (PDF)
CRD Regional Transportation Plan (PDF)
CRD Regional Pedestrian and Cycling Masterplan (PDF)
Bikenomic – Impact of Cycling on Capital Region (PDF)
Transit Future Plan: Victoria Region (PDF)
Reallocation of Road Space to Support Active Transportation (PDF)
Active Transportation Planning in BC local governments (PDF)
B.E.A.T. Neighbourhood Assessment (PDF)
Healthy Built Environment Linkages (PDF)
Transportation Transformation (PDF)
Briefing: Moving Smarter (PDF)