Fire Safety Plans

Every building is required to create and maintain its own fire safety plan. Esquimalt Fire Rescue can assist you to design a fire safety plan that is specific to your business.

The fire safety plan will cover the following areas:

  • Sounding the fire alarm

  • Notifying the Fire Department

  • Instructing occupants on evacuation procedures

  • Evacuating persons requiring special assistance

  • Confining, controlling, and extinguishing fires

  • Appointment of fire wardens

  • Training fire wardens

  • Documentation of building safety systems

  • Holding fire drills

  • Control of fire hazards

  • Inspection of facilities

  • Maintenance of records

A regular self inspection program is the best way to ensure that ensure that your building is fire safe. Feel free to ask our inspectors about any aspect of fire safety, which may affect your business.

Download Fire Safety Plan Guideline documents below: