Training Validation Exercise at CFB Esquimalt

May 11, 2018
Esquimalt News

CFB Esquimalt Public Service Announcement

A training validation exercise will be held at CFB Esquimalt during the week of 14-18 May.
During this time, community members may hear increased and short intermittent alarms followed by general broadcasts from a ship alongside at the jetties in Dockyard. As this exercise will be conducted 24/7, there is a chance these alarms will be heard during the night. 
The purpose of this exercise is to test and validate training received by Formation units to determine unit readiness. 
This is a routine exercise and there is no reason to be alarmed. Every effort has been made to limit the impact on our neighbours in the surrounding community, but the need to simulate the suddenness of an emerging situation in a realistic scenario is vital to ensuring our sailors are trained to the highest level. 
Lessons learned from this exercise will be used to improve the future responses, procedures, and preparation of our sailors.