Official Election Results - 2018 Election

Barbara Desjardins has been re-elected as the Mayor of the Township of Esquimalt, earning 2,919 of the 4,047 votes cast for Mayor, or 70.5%

Elected Council candidates are listed below:

Tim Morrison – 2,705

Jacob Helliwell – 2,575

Meagan Brame – 2,556

Lynda Hundleby – 2,518

Jane Vermeulen – 2,422

Ken Armour – 2,176

See the official election results for Mayor, Councillors and School Trustees here.

Returning Councillors are Tim Morrison, Meagan Brame and Lynda Hundleby. The three new members of Council are Jacob Helliwell, Jane Vermeulen and Ken Armour. 

A total of 4,143 voters — 29.8% of eligible voters — turned out to vote at the advance polls and on General Voting Day. This is almost identical to the 2014 turnout. 

Inaugural Meeting of Council

The Inaugural meeting of Council will be held Monday, November 5, 2018 at 7:00 pm in Council Chambers. The meeting will include Mayor and Councillors’ Oath of Office, and  the Mayor’s Inaugural Address. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

Stay involved with your new Council

For details of upcoming Council meetings, please visit our Legistar site, where agendas, minutes and Council meeting videos are posted.