Esquimalt Town Square

The Esquimalt Town Square refers to the parcel of land south and west of the existing Municipal Hall. It is within the larger planning area known as the Esquimalt Village Project, which is the area bounded by Comerford Road  on the west, Esquimalt Road on the north, Lyall Road on the south and Lampson Street on the east. 

The Esquimalt Village Project is a comprehensive project, which will look at long-term planning for Esquimalt’s town core.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Create a lively and sustainable Esquimalt town centre, which incorporates a mix of uses and community recreation needs;
  • Revitalize Esquimalt’s town core and enhance community economic development, while providing residents with a wider range of amenities and services; and,
  • Capitalize on and enhance the value of public and private assets in the core.

Esquimalt Town Square site context





Adopted Bylaws: