West Bay Design Guidelines

The West Bay Neighbourhood is a vibrant mixed use neighbourhood that, while being an integral part of Esquimalt’s urban fabric, is uniquely identified by its inextricable link to West Bay socially, environmentally, and economically.


The West Bay Neighbourhood is defined as the area south of Esquimalt Road, East of Lampson Street, North of Lyall Street, and delineated by West Bay on the east side (See Ortho Photo of West Bay here).  

The neighbourhood is predominately residential, however, the area immediately adjacent to the shore of West Bay contains a mix of commercial and residential uses.  Development in the area is governed by the generic guidelines for commercial and mixed use areas.  However, the unique character of the area requires a specific set of design guidelines to help promote and articulate the unique form and character of the area and to ensure that future development is consistent with the existing urban fabric and architectural vernacular.

View the West Bay Neighbourhood Design Guidelines.

For more information, please contact:

Bill Brown, Director of Development Services
Tel: 250-414-7146