Electric Vehicle Charging: New $1/hour User Fee

July 4, 2017

Due to the increasing demand for the electric vehicle charging station, a user fee of $1.00 per hour will come into effect beginning July 4, 2017. All user fees collected will be used to fund sustainability initiatives through the Township’s Sustainability Reserve Fund. The charging station was relocated this spring to the parking lot west of Memorial Park on Esquimalt Road.

Payment Options:

  1. Download App: A mobile app for "FLO.ca" is available for Android and Apple phones. Within the app, select the green marker for the charging station on the map.
  2. Order idFLO card: Order your own FLO card at a cost of $15 by visiting flo.ca/signup.
  3. Customer Support: If you experience difficulty with either option, please call 1-855-543-8356.

Why a user fee?

  • Manage increasing demand. Since 2014, station use has increased by more than 50% each year.
  • Limit length of charging sessions. A time based fee encourages EV drivers to move their vehicle once the battery is sufficiently charged.
  • Provide neighbourhood charging for EV drivers without access to charging at home. EV drivers living in rental apartments or stratified condos are less likely to have access to EV charging at home.
  • Avoid conflict between station users. On rare occasions there have been disputes between drivers of 100% electric vehicles and drivers of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.
  • Reduce range anxiety for current and prospective EV drivers. Introducing a fee helps to ensure that stations are more readily available for EV drivers that require a charge to complete their travels. It is generally expected that the majority of EV charging will take place at home.

Find out more about changes to the EV charging station here.

For more information, please contact:
Marlene Lagoa, Community Development Coordinator
Tel: 250-414-7114
Email: [email protected]