Climate Action

Esquimalt is taking action to reduce our emissions, both in the community and in our own operations. 

We have an interactive and informative online tool designed to both share our climate action so far with you as well as see where you'd like us to go in the future- extended until January 1!

Take our survey now and participate in our Climate Action Plan >> 

For the latest information on our progress to date, please see the 2019 Climate Progress Report. Council has recently endorsed a Terms of Reference for a Climate Action Planning Project that will begin in late 2019 and be completed by 2020.  

At their regular meeting on November 25, 2019, Council unanimously endorsed the proposed target to reduce corporate emissions by 45 per cent and committed Esquimalt to becoming a 100 per cent renewable energy community by 2050.

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives 

The Township of Esquimalt is participating in an Island-wide collaborative project aimed at understanding the effects of climate change on local communities and how to plan for climate change risks.

The Together for Climate Project will run from fall 2018 to summer 2020 in partnership with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) Canada, which was awarded funding from the Real Estate Foundation of BC. 

The funding will support eight local and regional governments on Vancouver Island to develop climate change adaptation strategies using an established framework.  

ICLEI Canada is a non-profit that specializes in supporting municipalities with climate change planning efforts. ICLEI will provide project partners with one-on-one technical and advisory services, as well as assistance with planning, logistics, and delivery of stakeholder engagement activities. ICLEI will also facilitate networking and knowledge sharing opportunities with other participating local governments. 

For further information about ICLEI Canada visit

Read the Esquimalt Climate Risk Assessment Report.

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Report

CARIP is a conditional grant program that provides funding to Climate Action Charter (Charter) signatories equivalent to 100 percent of the carbon taxes they pay directly. In 2017, the Township of Esquimalt received a CARIP grant of $36,642. This funding supports local governments in their efforts to reduce GHG emissions and move forward on achieving their Charter goals. 

As a signatory to the Climate Action Charter, the Township of Esquimalt is committed to:  

  1. Making progress towards becoming carbon neutral in its operations; 
  2. Measuring and reporting on the community’s GHG emissions; and 
  3. Creating a complete, compact, and energy-efficient community. 

Available for download, the 2019 CARIP Report.