McLoughlin Amenity Funds

Engagement Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in the McLoughlin Amenity Funds online survey #2. We had 1770 submissions which will be compiled over the coming weeks. Watch for updates here. 

Thank you also to everyone who took the time to visit our our mobile engagement booth at community events during the summer of 2018.

Project Background

In January 2017, the CRD and the Township of Esquimalt agreed on an amenity funding package associated with locating the wastewater treatment plant at McLoughlin Point. A one-time CRD contribution of $17 million—the McLoughlin Point Amenity Reserve Funds—will be used for capital projects in waterfront parks, recreation facilities, and a public safety facility. 

Project ideas should benefit the entire community, meet diverse community needs, achieve multiple purposes and uses, support healthy lifestyle choices, and connect people to each other and the natural environment.

Find out more about the public engagement process and schedule here, and details on the McLoughlin Amenity Funds here.

Stay informed throughout the process! 

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