Read the feedback about the upcoming active transportation plan

June 11, 2021
Esquimalt News

Esquimalt has reached the next phase of its first Active Transportation Network Plan (ATNP). 

After the first round of community consultation in early 2021, an initial report has been published to share the feedback staff have heard so far.

Thank you for your participation in this important process!

Read the What We Heard Report

The plan's purpose is to:

  1. identify deficiencies in the pedestrian and cycling network,
  2. identify gaps in the pedestrian and cycling network,
  3. develop the vision and goals for the network to address the deficiencies and gaps, and
  4. create an implementation plan to identify the critical projects needed in the short-term (1-10 years) and the longterm (10+ years) to increase the share of trips completed by an active mode and more broadly reach the greenhouse gas (GHG) targets set out in the Official Community Plan.

As our next steps, we will:

  1. draft the pedestrian and cycling network maps;
  2. draft the pedestrian improvement options including a review of crosswalk upgrades, new crossing locations, sidewalk improvements, and missing sidewalk connections;
  3. draft cross-sections identifying the cycling improvement options for the main corridors (e.g., Esquimalt Road, Lampson Street, Tillicum Road, and Lyall Street); and
  4. draft the plan vision and goals.

Plans are in place to return to the community in the late summer of 2021 with a second survey that will ask for feedback on the draft options, vision, and goals.