Esquimalt Town Square Construction Notice: Controlled Blasting

April 16, 2018
Esquimalt News

There will be controlled blasting at the Esquimalt Town Square construction site over the next two weeks.

Drilling for load placement began on Tuesday, April 17, and blasting is schedule to begin Wednesday, April 25th. Technicians will be using small blasting loads to minimize noise and disruption to businesses and residents in the area. 

As per WorkSafe BC requirements, 12 short horn signals will be sounded at one second intervals prior to each blast. Two minutes later, the blast will be initiated. Once the surrounding area is safe, a final 5-second-long horn signal will be sounded.

Anyone in close proximity to the Town Square site during these two-minute periods should stand back and follow instructions from site personnel.

Live streaming of the construction site can be viewed here.

Read more about the Esquimalt Town Square project here.

For more information, please contact:
Jeff Miller, Director of Engineering and Public Works
Tel: 250-414-7108