Esquimalt Town Square

The Esquimalt Town Square refers to the parcel of land south and west of the existing Municipal Hall. The square is currently being redeveloped by Aragon Properties Ltd. 

Leading architectural firm D’AMBROSIO architecture + urbanism has designed a concept plan for the project that includes civic, residential and commercial uses. Esquimalt Town Square will feature a public square and a through-block art walk, as well as the proposed relocation of the Esquimalt Branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library.

The square will also include a number of sustainable and progressive initiatives including: 

  • alternative management methods for rainwater and energy;
  • bicycle and pedestrian-friendly spaces, with easy access to transit;
  • maintaining heritage trees on-site; and,
  • green building concepts in all buildings and infrastructure.

Esquimalt Town Square site context





Esquimalt Town Square is within the larger planning area known as the Esquimalt Village Project, which is the area bounded by Comerford Road  on the west, Esquimalt Road on the north, Lyall Road on the south and Lampson Street on the east. 

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Create a lively and sustainable Esquimalt town centre, which incorporates a mix of uses and community recreation needs;
  • Revitalize Esquimalt’s town core and enhance community economic development, while providing residents with a wider range of amenities and services; and,
  • Capitalize on and enhance the value of public and private assets in the core.

More information

  1. Purchase and Sales Agreement 
  2. Open Spaces Agreement 
  3. Modification Agreement
  4. Statutory Right of Way for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Equipment
  5. Reciprocal Easements, Section 219 Covenant, Equitable Charges, and Cost Sharing Agreement
  6. Priority Agreement
  7. Parking Agreement
  8. Library Agreement
  9. Phased Development Agreement covenant
  10. Phased Development Agreement
  11. Revised Public Spaces Agreement 
  12. Off-site and Sidewalks Works and Services Agreement- signed
  13. Revised Parking Agreement- Lot A
  14. Library Acquisition Agreement
  15. Easement and modification of statutory right of way for Aragon's waterworks in Park Place road allowance
  16. Esquimalt Village planning map

Adopted bylaws