Wellness Centre Maintenance beginning Monday, December 9th - facility to remain open during construction

December 5, 2019

Improvements being made to facility to maximize usable floor space.

Construction in the Wellness Centre at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre will take place being Monday, December 9th. The construction will involve removing the existing wellness centre desk to increase the usable floor space. 

While efforts will be made to minimize the impact, some excessive notice throughout the process will occur - in particular during demolition and while the stairs are closed in. Ear plugs will be made available for persons to use if they wish. 

The lockers previously located behind the wellness entre desk, will be temporarily removed during construction. Persons are encouraged to make use of the lockers in the changerooms. 

It is anticipated that the construction will be complete by December 30th.

For more information, please contact:
Vicki Klyne, Fitness & Wellness Programmer

Tel: 250.412.8502