When will the new collection program start? 
February 17 to 28, 2014
Final unsorted garbage pickups and drop off of new bins to residents (a new bin for garbage, a new bin for kitchen scraps, and an under-the-sink bin to collect kitchen scraps in the home).

March 3 to 14, 2014
First pickup of waste sorted into garbage bin (grey lid) and kitchen scraps bin (green lid). Bins must be placed curbside for pickup by new semi-automated trucks. 

Is the program optional?
No. To comply with the CRD Kitchen Scraps Strategy, all residents and businesses in the Township are required to participate. 

Who does it affect? 
All residents with a civic address in Esquimalt. 

How much waste will be kept from Hartland landfill with this new program? 
Using CRD estimates, the Township would be diverting approximately 510 tonnes of waste material per year from the Hartland landfill. Kitchen scraps will be banned from the landfill by January 1, 2015. 

Will the Township be supplying new bins for kitchen scraps and garbage? 
Yes. The Township will be providing 121 litre garbage bins and 121 litre kitchen scraps bins and a smaller kitchen catcher bin for indoors. The garbage bin is entirely grey (bin and lid) and the kitchen scraps bin is grey with a green lid. 

What do I do with my old bin(s)? 
Please recycle or re-use your bins in any way you can. Once washed and disinfected thay can serve a variety of purposes around the home as a storage bin. 

What if all of my garbage does not fit in the supplied bin? 
If a household produces more material than would fit in the container, the homeowner will be required to have an extra Township regulation garbage bin. The home owner would also be required to have an extra garbage sticker on the extra bin. Extra garbage stickers can be purchased at the Municipal Hall at a cost of four for $8. 

Can I have a second bin for garbage?
If the garbage bin provided by the Township does not meet your needs, you will be required to have an extra Township regulation garbage bin. Bins can be purchased at the Municipal Hall, 1229 Esquimalt Road for $95.00 each. You will also be required to have an extra garbage sticker on the extra bin. Extra garbage stickers can be purchased at the Municipal Hall at a cost of four for $8.

Do I need to line the bins with large garbage bags? 
No, smaller kitchen bags for both kitchen scraps and garbage do not need to be contained in a larger bag. If a large bag is used in the bin, it is required to be compostable.

What kind of bags should I use in the bins, and where do I get them?
Standard garbage bags can be used for your outdoor garbage bin. For your outdoor kitchen scraps bin, you can choose to use compostable bags, or to place organics loosely in the bin. The latter approach will likely require rinsing out the bin after each pickup. Compostable bags are available at most grocery and hardware stores. Lining your under-the-sink kitchen catcher is optional. If you choose to line this container you can use newspaper, paper bags or compostable bags. All of these  options are acceptable  in the kitchen scraps bin (green lid).

How will the garbage and kitchen scraps be collected from the curb? 
The Township has purchased two new semi-automated trucks with compartments for garbage and kitchen scraps. 

Do I need to use compostable bags for kitchen waste? 
To minimize cleanup and odours, and to ensure that you do not introduce non-compostable material to your kitchen scraps, the use of compostable bags with your small kitchen container is acceptable. This will also reduce cleanup and odour in your outdoor kitchen scraps bin. Alternatively, you can also use newspaper, paper bags or even burlap bags to contain your kitchen scraps, but, as kitchen scraps are usually wet, you will need to clean your containers on a regular basis using these materials. See how to make your own kitchen container liner from newspaper in the video below:


What materials can I put in my kitchen scraps bin at the curbside? 
All food leftovers
fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, meat, fish and poultry, bones, dairy products, tea bags, coffee grinds and filters, nuts and shells, solidified fats and grease. Houseplants, cut and dried flowers can also be included. 

Food- soiled paper products 
food-soiled paper towels and napkins, flour and sugar bags and soiled paper food packaging such as used paper cups and plates. 
Note: Your green bin is for kitchen scraps or food-soiled paper products ONLY.  No other materials are permitted, Please view the City of Victoria's Things to Remember brochure for more information on items allowed in your green bin.

Can I put yard waste in my green bin? 
No. Continue to take yard and garden waste to our drop-off at 605 Canteen Road next to the public works yard. 

Will my kitchen scraps container need to be cleaned?
Yes, kitchen scraps are often wet and over time residual moisture can lead to odour problems. 

What happens if I put kitchen scraps in the garbage bin? 
If Public Works crews determine that a garbage bin contains kitchen scraps, the bin will not be collected. 

Where do I need to leave my bins for pickup? 
Bins must be left curbside in front of your residence, within three metres of the edge of the road. 

If I have a mobility challenge, can I apply for assistance to have my empty bins returned to my home?
Yes. If you have a mobility challenge and will not be able to return your empty bins from the curb please read more about our assistance program and fill out an application form here.

What happens if my bin breaks? 
If a bin breaks the Township will repair or replace it. 

I already compost in my backyard. Do I really need a kitchen waste bin? 
Yes. The kitchen scraps program takes in a wider range of materials than can be composted in backyard composters. 

I am concerned about pests, such as raccoons, getting into my bin. What should I do?
Bungee cords to secure bin lids for both kitchen scraps and garbage are available at Municipal Hall. Please remove bungees from the bins on your collection day.

Here are some additional tips to keep pests out of your bins:

  • Keep your green bin away from fences and deck railings so that animals can't get into it.
  • If you do place your bin near a fence or deck railing, secure it with a bungee cord so it doesn’t get knocked over.
  • Sprinkling a strong smelling biodegradable repellent such as vinegar or detergent on your cart will help keep pests away.
  • Capture fruit flies with a bowl of vinegar covered with plastic wrap with several small holes in it. Empty as required
  • Put salt or vinegar on maggots to kill them. If maggots appear in the green bin, a fly has laid eggs on some exposed food waste.
  • Peppermint oil, cayenne or chili pepper or hot sauce can act as anti-gnawing repellents and help deter animals from taking an interest in your green bin.

Is there additional cost to me for the new garbage pickup service? 
There is no additional cost to residents for the new service. 

If I have less garbage, do I pay less? 
All residents pay the same amount for garbage pickup through their municipal taxes. Smaller loads of garbage require the same crew size and equipment resources as larger garbage loads. 

Does this program affect the blue box recycling program? 
No. The CRD blue box will continue as is. Please continue to separate recyclables from your garbage and place your blue box roadside on your designated pickup day. 

I haven’t heard of this new program. Have you consulted with the community? 
Yes, we held two information sessions in the summer of 2013 and we have posted information to the municipal website and social media pages. In addition, the program has been featured in the community newsletter throughout 2013. 

If I move or sell my house, can I take the bins with me? 
No. Bins must be left at the home. They are the property of the Township of Esquimalt.