Staff Directory

Alison Melville, Manager of Financial Services250-414-7173
Barb Desjardins, Mayor250-883-1944
Bill Brown, Director of Development Services250-414-7146
Blair McDonald, Director of Community Safety Services250-414-7123
Charles Davie, Manager of Engineering250-414-7147
Dan Henderson, Manager of Facilities250-412-8507
Dan Horan, Chief Administrative Officer250-414-7133
Deb Hopkins, Director of Corporate Services250-414-7135
Greg Swan, Assistant Chief250-414-7127
Ian Irvine, Director of Financial Services250-414-7141
Jacob Helliwell, Councillor250-884-2791
James Davison, Manager250-414-7148
Jeff Byron, Manager of Recreation Services250-412-8517
Joel Clary, Director of Engineering & Public Works250-414-7130
Ken Armour, Councillor250-986-6212
Ken Gawryluk, Manager of Public Works250-414-7158
Kulpreet Munde, Emergency Program Manager250-414-7120
Neal Widdifield, Assistant Chief250-414-7121
Parks and Recreation-Facility Booking250-412-8525
Public Works Yard250-414-7108